Parking Tickets & What Can Be Mediated

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Overnight Parking

Sec. 106-25. - Parking at night

It shall be unlawful for the driver or owner of any vehicle to park such vehicle or allow such vehicle to remain parked on any street between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. of any day

Night Parking Permission- Exceptions

If you require more than four days of overnight parking, exceptions can be made by contacting the 24-hour Police Service Desk at 847-255-2416 and ask for the on duty Sergeant who can approve the extension of time. 


Parking tickets that are NOT paid prior to the adjudication date on the citation MUST go to an adjudication hearing. The Adjudicator will then decide the outcome of the citation.  The adjudication date is listed on the parking citation. 

Contesting Parking Tickets

Parking tickets issued only for violating a handicapped parking space may be contested by utilizing our mediation process. For contesting this violation, bring the parking ticket to our Police Department's Service Desk along with your valid handicapped placard (not a copy of the placard) and ask the Desk Officer for a Mediation Form for handicapped parking. If you wish to print out and complete the form before coming to the Police Department, utilize the Parking Ticket Mediation Form (PDF).   ALL other parking citations MUST go before an adjudicator who will decide the outcome.

After you complete this form and submit it, it will be reviewed by the on duty supervisor who will make a decision as to the validity of your reason for the violation. You will be notified immediately of the decision by the on duty supervisor. If the on duty supervisor determines that the violation should be paid, you MUST attend the adjudication date that is listed on the parking ticket at which point the adjudicator will decide the outcome of the citation. 

Paying Parking Tickets

You may pay your parking ticket HERE or at the Rolling Meadows City Hall at 3600 Kirchoff Road. You may pay inside during normal work hours at the main desk in City Hall or you may drop off your payment in the citation/envelope at City Hall. If you do not pay your citation prior to the adjudication date you must appear at the adjudication date that is listed on your citation.