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Rolling Meadows Police Department-ONLINE REPORTING FORM


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    1. Please read the following information to learn how to fill out this form
    2. THEFT FROM AUTO: Property taken from the outside of a vehicle by another with NO suspect information. LOST PROPERTY: Property missing, but have no evidence that it was taken by another. DAMAGE TO AUTO: Damage to your vehicle that was intentional but NO Offender information. BICYCLE THEFT: Bicycle taken with NO offender information. GASOLINE THEFT: Gasoline theft in a drive off. MATTER OF RECORD: Information required for insurance purposes and no follow up by the police, or a report with no follow up by police on a non-criminal matter. TELEPHONE HARASSMENT: telephone calls  received where calls are repetitive, annoying, or threatening (Caller may be known, and you desire no follow up by police) ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT: Electronic or text messages that are received by you and are annoying (Person may be known to you, and you desire no follow up by police)  ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE: Damage that is reported and was unintentional. LOST LICENSE PLATE or DRIVER'S LICENSE: License plate missing from vehicle or lost driver's license- unknown if stolen or not. SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT: An additional report that needs to be filed from one that you already completed (Add the original number in this report). IDES IDENTITY THEFT: You received an IDES unemployment card in the mail and never filed for one. 

    3. The police department will provide when the report is filed

    4. CHECK THE TYPE OF INCIDENT: These incidents will not have an identifiable offender.*
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