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Rolling Meadows Police Department-ONLINE REPORTING FORM


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    1. Please read the following information to know how to fill out this form

    2. THEFT FROM AUTO: Property taken from the outside of a vehicle by another with NO suspect information. LOST PROPERTY: Property missing, but have no evidence that it was taken by another. DAMAGE TO AUTO: Damage to your vehicle that was intentional but NO Offender information. BICYCLE THEFT: Bicycle taken with NO offender information. GASOLINE THEFT: Gasoline theft in a drive off. MATTER OF RECORD: Information required for insurance purposes and no follow up by the police, or a report with no follow up by police on a non-criminal matter. TELEPHONE HARASSMENT: telephone calls received where calls are repetitive or annoying (Caller may be known, and you desire no follow up by police) ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE:Damage reported that was unintentional. LOST LICENSE PLATE: License plate missing from vehicle unknown if stolen or not. SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT: An additional report that needs to be filed from one that you completed earlier on a previous report.

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