Red Light Camera Locations

The following table shows all the red light camera locations in the city of Rolling Meadows.

Red Light Camera Intersections

Please note some of the intersections are controlled by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and some are not.
Intersection Controlled By
Camera Live Date
Westbound Kirchoff at Rohlwing
Non-IDOT January 28, 2008
Southbound Rohlwing at Kirchoff
Non-IDOT January 28, 2008
Eastbound Algonquin at New Wilke (E)
IDOT June 9, 2008
Southbound Hicks at Euclid (S)
IDOT June 6, 2008
Northbound IL Route 53 Exit Ramp at Algonquin (S)
IDOT September 9, 2008
Westbound Algonquin at Northbound IL Rout 53 Ramp (W)
IDOT September 2009
Westbound Kirchoff at Plum Grove (W)
Non-IDOT November 7, 2009
Northbound Plum Grove at Kirchoff Non-IDOT November 20, 2015
Current IDOT Traffic data can be found by clicking here
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