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A Message From the Chief of Police:


The killing of George Floyd is disturbing, horrific and a violation of any remnant of humanity. The criminal actions of the police officers involved in his death is a violation of any and all rules of conduct or human decency. True police officers, the men and women who are dedicated and committed to serving the public and upholding their oath of office would never think what occurred was proper or justifiable, by any means. This incident rocks the foundation of policing to its core and goes against all beliefs that the law enforcement profession holds dear. It cannot be stressed enough that no Rolling Meadows Police Officer that observed what happened in Minneapolis would condone such behavior nor would any officer believe it to be an acceptable practice.  The actions of those Minneapolis officers is grossly appalling. We work tirelessly to protect all, build a positive relationship with the community and continue to work together to help make Rolling Meadows “A Great Place to Call Home”.

As the Nation grieves, I want to ensure the residents, business owners, employees working in the City and visitors of this Community that the police officers of this agency are committed to providing the highest level of police service to the public they so honorably serve. The men and women of the department put their lives on the line each and every day to protect and serve all equally, professionally and compassionately regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion or social class.

Substantial resources, which include time, funds and energy are utilized in finding the best candidates to be allowed the opportunity and honor of wearing the Rolling Meadows police uniform.  Compassion to serve others, empathy, kindness and a desire to make this community a better place are just some of the traits one must have to be a member of this department. Officers who staff the Rolling Meadows Police Department are chosen by representatives of this City. These representatives make up the Rolling Meadows Fire and Police Commission who in turn are your neighbors, friends and fellow residents.

Officers of this agency receive extensive training in areas of de-escalation techniques, crisis intervention, diversity training and dealing with individuals with mental health issues, along with many other topics and subject matter too long to list here. We believe this extensive training provides our officers with the knowledge and the tools to do their jobs properly and effectively. We at the Rolling Meadows Police Department also have policies and procedures in place which prohibits chokeholds and Bias-Based Policing. In addition, all sworn employees are required to swear and affirm the oath of office expressing commitment and intent to respect constitutional rights in discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer. The Police Department is also an Illinois Law Enforcement Accredited agency which ensures that we have policies and procedures in place in critical areas and that they meet industry standards and best practices for a high performing police department.

The Rolling Meadows Police Department embraces the recommendations made by The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. We are highly active in community outreach efforts and are extremely fortunate to have the support of the community and City Council we serve. Our police department is one of only a few departments in the area that has a Police Neighborhood Resource Center. The PNRC is located in the heart of a diverse area of the City. The location was chosen to allow this segment of the community to have easy access to services, to improve dialogue and build lasting partnerships.  Listed below is a snapshot of some of the yearly activities and community engagement efforts we are actively involved with:

  • Youth Summer Camp
  • Yearly Food Drive
  • Senior Triad
  • Family Night
  • Movie Night
  • Block Parties
  • High School Intern Programs
  • Shop with a Cop
  • Soccer/Sports Camp
  • National Night Out
  • Community Bike Ride
  • Opioid Second Chance Program
  • Charity fund raisers such as Special Olympics “Torch Run” “Polar Plunge” (all sponsored thru Officer voluntary participation)

In closing, the Rolling Meadows Police Department is your department. It exist to serve you, to protect you and your family and to be there in your time of need. We are constantly working on improving the services we provide, to be the best we can be. The day I put my feet up on my desk and think all is perfect will be the day it is time for someone else to take the reins of this agency. If someone has a concern or a comment about the Police Department please contact me. 


John A. Nowacki
Chief of Police

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