Eyes and Ears Program

Rolling Meadows Police Department Dedicated to Excellence
Eyes & Ears of the Police Department
We strongly encourage our residents to help us by reporting all suspicious vehicles, persons, or circumstances. Since an officer can't be on every street in the City at once, we count on residents to be our additional eyes and ears. The vast majority of burglars who are arrested while committing their crimes are caught because observant neighbors called 911 immediately to report the suspicious activity. Too often, neighbors of burglary victims will tell the Police Department afterward that they saw someone unfamiliar at the victim's house during the crime.

Types of Suspicious Activity
We need residents to call 911 immediately if they see suspicious vehicles or people in their neighborhoods. Callers may opt to remain anonymous. Suspicious activity that needs to be reported immediately includes:
  • Unfamiliar vehicles parked by a neighbor's home,
  • Vehicles driving slowly down a street,
  • Unfamiliar people near, entering, or leaving a neighbor's home,
  • Activity at a house when you believe the residents to be out,
  • Loud noises outside your home such as yelling or screaming,
  • Sounds of breaking glass or loud banging as if someone is shattering a window or kicking a door, etc.
Reporting Detailed Facts
We need residents to partner with the Police Department by being aware and calling 911 with the best information regarding:
  • People (gender, race, height, build, color of hair, clothing, etc.)
  • Vehicles (license plate, color, make, model, and type)
Delays in calling with this information will prevent a thorough and successful investigation by officers and may allow thieves and burglars to be successful in their crimes. Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance.