Prevention Tips

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While these crimes tend to escalate during the holiday season, they can and do occur year round. We suggest always following these prevention tips:
  1. Always report to the police any suspicious activity, noises, people, or circumstances by calling 911 immediately.
  2. Always lock all doors and close all windows on vehicles whenever they are left unattended. In addition, activate the vehicle's alarm system if so equipped. Burglars tend to choose the easiest target.
  3. Never leave your vehicle running and unattended. Many vehicles left in this condition are stolen from parking lots of convenience stores, coffee shops, post offices, and other locations.
  4. Never leave children in a vehicle that is running and unattended by an adult or responsible teen.
  5. Always park in well-lighted areas that can be viewed easily by others. Burglars tend to prefer dark places with no witnesses.
  6. Always secure or hide any items you will be leaving behind in your vehicle before leaving for your destination. This prevents anyone seeing you arrive from having a clue as to what is hidden in your vehicle, making it a less desirable target.
  7. In general, photograph your valuables (jewelry, electronic equipment, antiques, collectables, etc.) and record the serial numbers for all items that have them on the backs of the photos. Keep the photos in a safe, dry place in the event your valuables are lost or taken in a crime.