Crime Free Multi-Housing Seminar

As of Tuesday, December 3, 2013, the City of Rolling Meadows City Council enacted Ordinance 13-60 which expanded the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. In brief, the ordinance now states that the owner or agent of any building or dwelling unit which is rented must attend and complete a Crime Free Multi-Housing Program Seminar prior to obtaining or being issued a new City rental residential license.

License Requirements

Any new rental license application that is received in the Community Development Department will be processed as normal and an inspection will still take place, but a hard copy of your rental dwelling license will not be mailed until the seminar has been completed. Additionally, existing property owners will have 1 year from the date the ordinance was enacted to complete the seminar.


To register for an upcoming seminar, fill out an online registration form.

For More Information

If you have any questions regarding the Crime Free Multi-Housing Seminar, please feel free to contact Crime Free Multi-Housing Coordinator, Geunyoung Pak by email or by phone at (847) 870-9060.

Additional information regarding the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program can be found under the Police Department.