Rental Licenses


Following submission of a completed application and payment of the appropriate fee, an inspection will be scheduled. Rental dwelling licenses expire on May 31 each year. A license renewal and fee payment is still required on an annual basis even if an inspection is not required for that year.

License Applications

To pay your license renewal fees, visit the Rental Dwelling License Application Payment Page.

Rental Dwelling Property Inspection Checklist

The Rental Dwelling Property Inspection Checklist (PDF) is used by the inspectors when conducting their inspection. It is offered for review so you may conduct a self-inspection. While a checklist of this type cannot address every situation or circumstance, it does offer general items to be inspected.

Closing, Cancelling, or Transferring of Ownership of a Rental License

If at any time you choose to sell or no longer rent your property, a letter and/or MLS listing must be submitted to the Community Development Department.

Written notice shall be given to the Community Development Department within 5 days after having transferred or otherwise disposed of legal control of any licensed rental dwelling.