Good Neighbor Tips

The Community Development Department encourages beautiful neighborhoods and we need your help. You can be a good neighbor by observing the following simple suggestions and rules.
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  1. Inside the Home
  2. Outside the Home
Inside the Home
  • License your residential rental property.
  • Before buying a house or renting any dwelling unit, check with our department as to how many people are allowed to live in the house or unit.
  • Use working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Check batteries twice a year when you change the clocks for daylight saving time.
  • Maintain heating, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • It is generally not allowed to occupy a basement as sleeping quarters. Requirements for basement rooms such as ceiling height, light, ventilation and exits are strictly enforced. Check with the Community Development Department if you are considering such a use.
  • Maintain an acceptable level of sanitation.
  • Control rodents.