Water Leak Detection Services

Tentative Start Date: 09/01/2023
Tentative Completion Date: 10/31/2023
Bid Opening: N/A
Project Manager: Mark Kilarski, Utilities Superintendent 
Contractor: M.E. Simpson
Awarded Contract Amount: $14,000
Funding Sources: Utilities Fund

Project Information

Leak detection is accomplished by ultrasonically monitoring every foot of water main, hydrant, and mainline valve.   Suspect leak sites are electronically confirmed by measuring and analyzing the timing of sound waves simultaneously from two monitoring points. The City is provided with leak locations and status reports during the survey.  When the survey is completed, a final report is compiled.  Repairs to the water system are then scheduled by the Public Works Department. In 2023 the City will be focusing on Section 2 of the map below, highlighted in blue. 

Construction Limits

See Map Below

Anticipated Hours of Work: 

  • Anticipated Hours of Work: 7AM- 4:00PM Monday- Friday

Leak Detection

Weekly Project Updates

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