Experiencing High Water Consumption?

The following are a few reasons that your bill could be higher than previous bills:

  • Check the current reading on the water meter which looks similar to the odometer in your car. The reading you see on the meter shows how much more water was used when you compare it to the current reading on the bill. Water usage is measured in gallons.
  • On the face of the meter is a dial that looks similar to a watch face with a hand that spins. Or it could be a triangle shape that spins. This is a leak indicator. If all the water is turned off in your home and the hand or triangle is moving, you have a leak. Some homes have new digital meters with no dials. If you have a new digital meter, when you lift the lid up, if the last number is moving, then water is being used. That is your leak indicator. Or,
  • Read the meter at night before bed, then again first thing in the morning. Is there a difference?

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WATER USAGE Flyer 1-2021
  • Do you ever have to jiggle the handle on your toilets? If so, replace the tank parts, you have a leak.
  • Check your toilets for a silent leak. Put a couple drops of a dark colored food coloring into the toilet tank. DO NOT FLUSH, wait 10-15 minutes, if color appears into the bowl, the tank parts need to be replaced.
  • Do you have a water softener? Check the regeneration timing to make sure it is not cycling too often or if the unit is malfunctioning.
  • Has there been anything different at your home? Increased number of people, entertaining, watering of landscaping, washing cars, etc.
  • In the winter time humidifiers that are installed on furnaces can use extra water. The colder it get’s, the more your furnace runs the more water is used each time. This can add some usage to your bill.
  • Remember - billings are generated in arrears Check the usage period on your bill when trying to remember if anything unusual occurred.
  • Check all outside spigots.
  • Do you have a sprinkler system? If so, you may want to reduce the time the water is running per zone. As a comparison, 600 gallons of water flows from a 5/8" hose per hour. Also, have your system maintained and checked for any underground leaks.
  • Have you checked all your water appliances?
  • If you are trying to establish new sod, you may be using as much as 600 gallons of water per hour with one 5/8" standard size hose.

Please check the preceding before calling the Water Billing at 847-394-8500. You are responsible for water usage, regardless of the nature of that usage.