Watering Procedures

Process for Newly Seeded Lawns
All newly seeded lawns require special irrigation. A newly HydroSeeded lawn may require as many as 4 light daily waterings dependent upon weather conditions in order to keep the seed bed moist. When the weather conditions are windy and dry, the seedbed needs light waterings to maintain a moist seed bed to a depth of 1 to 2 inches until germination occurs. The seedlings are 1/4 to 1/2 inch tall.

At this stage, it is crucial that the seedlings do not become stress to a point of wilt. Continue to water with light waterings about 1 to 4 times a day as necessary. About 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch of water is recommended to establish a healthy new lawn.

Continue this watering procedure until the grass has reach a height of 2 inches. At that time, gradually reducing the frequency of waterings but water more deeply. After your new lawn has been mowed 2 or 3 times, water deeply and infrequently.

Watering Recommendations

  • For best results, water in the early morning, preferably before sunrise when evaporation is minimal and the lawn drinks the most water.
  • Do not water in the heat of the day as the sun will evaporate water before it can be soaked in.
  • Using a handheld hose is also recommended to assure that the HydroSeed will not be washed away.
Lawn Sprinkling Ban Period
Remember, if you use a sprinkler, the City of Rolling Meadows enforces a lawn sprinkling ban between the hours of Noon - 6 p.m. from May 15 to September 15.

For More Information
The City of Rolling Meadows will also be monitoring the progress of your lawn to assure it is being properly maintained during the establishment period after HydroSeeding. The Public Works Department will work with you to establish a healthy and beautiful lawn. The Public Works Department thanks you for your cooperation.

Please feel free to contact the Public Works Department at 847-963-0500 if you should have questions related to your parkway restoration.