Permit Process

  1. Submit a completed permit application(s) with all the necessary information attached. (i.e. plans, plats, etc.) Refer to the specific application information packet for instructions. Any additional, pertinent information should be addressed in a cover letter with your application submittal. Copies of your contractors' bonds and licenses should also be submitted at this time.
  2. The plans are then put into the system and reviewed for zoning and code compliance. There may be more than 1 review of your plans (building, mechanical, plumbing, zoning, etc.).
  3. If your plans were not approved, you will receive a call to advise you that a written plan review is ready for pick-up. There will be no charge at this time. You should review the questions from the Plan Reviewer and address the points with revised plans. Any revision to the plans should be clearly marked or highlighted and be accompanied with a cover letter explaining any changes made and/or answering any questions. Your cover letter should reference the owner(s) name, job address, and plan review number. Once you resubmit your revised plan the process will continue as explained above until your plans are approved.
  4. When the plans are approved, you will get a call advising you that your permit is ready and you will be advised of the permit fees. If any contractors have not yet been licensed or bonded as required, you will be notified at this time. All required bonds and licenses must be on file with us prior to permit issuance.
  5. Payment is due at the time the permit is issued. In addition to cash or check, the City accepts all major credit cards.
  6. At permit issuance you will receive your permit and a placard for display on the job site. A copy of the approved plans must remain on the job site at all times.
  7. After the permit has been issued you may begin construction. Call our office for the appropriate inspections as the work progresses or you may use our website for inspection requests.
  8. Upon completion of the project and after you pass all the required final inspections, the refundable bond (if any) will be refunded to you.

Turnaround Time

Normal review turnaround time for a permit application is approximately ten (10) business days at a minimum. Please note that we will call you when the review of your application is complete. We ask that you do not call the department regarding the status of your permit, as that may delay the review of your permit.