What if I need to work near or under a parkway tree?

It is unlawful to injure any public tree located in the ROW parkway.  Any excavation under the overhead tree canopy (drip line) requires approval from the City Forester before any work can begin. A site visit can be scheduled and the City Forester can be reached at 847-963-0500. Please see the Municipal Code for Chapter 14 Vegetation on the City’s Website for more information.

The Director of Public Works or designee shall have the authority to determine the excavation limits and methods to be used, or to grant exemptions from the requirements (when warranted or in his/her discretion is deemed to be an unusual circumstance), and to suspend or terminate construction that deviates from approved plans. The Director of Public Works or designee has the authority to determine when unavoidable damage to tree roots is substantial enough to cause the tree to be unstable and/or hazardous, therefore warranting removal and replacement of the tree at the applicant’s cost.

During certain types of construction work, the applicants may be required to place tree fencing as determined by the City Forester to prevent long-term health concerns or injury to the trees. All tree guards are subject to approval by the City Forester or designee.

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