Does Crime Free Multi-Housing really work?

YES!!! Crime and drug infested properties around the country have seen dramatic decreases in calls for police service after CFMH was implemented. The City of Rolling Meadows Crime Free Multi-Housing Program was started in 2012. Since then, we have experienced a substantial decrease in calls for police service in 3 of our major rental properties.  It is apparent that the efforts of our CFMH program working with rental property managers along with our beat officers and specialty units have been effective. Additionally, there is a push to have several if not all rental apartment communities either certified or becoming certified in the CFMH program. The program solicits the interest of Homeowners Associations to adopt the principals of CFMH in their rules and regulations to deal with the number of rental (non-owner occupied) units in their associations.

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1. I only have one unit, why does the ordinance apply to me?
2. What will I learn at the 4-hour seminar?
3. When will the seminars be available for attendance?
4. I live out of state. Do I have to attend?
5. I own more than one unit in the city. How many seminars do I need to attend?
6. Does the ordinance require a criminal background check for rental applicants?
7. Does the ordinance require me to evict a tenant for one criminal incident?
8. Doesn’t the ordinance promote discrimination or profiling?
9. How can I be held responsible for the actions of my tenant?
10. Will my rental license be suspended or revoked any time a crime happens?
11. Does Crime Free Multi-Housing really work?