How do I enroll my business in IROL (Inspections Reports On-Line)?
In an effort to streamline the inspection process, The Rolling Meadows Fire Department has registered with InspectionReportsOnline (IROL). IROL is a Web-based Inspection Report Management System.

IROL will allow our Fire Department to receive and manage required system inspection reports submitted, electronically, by any Service Provider through one secure and centralized location. There is no cost to property owners, property managers, business owners to register or access the site.

If your property/business receives any of the following required inspections in our Jurisdiction, we are requiring you register as a Property Owner (PO): Additionally if you could provide a copy of this letter to any business / occupant within your property that has any of the listed below systems, that are separate from the main property.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Sprinkler Systems (wet, dry, or pre-action systems)
Engineered and Pre-Engineered Systems
Fire Pump Tests
Testing of Fire and Smoke Doors
Hood and Duct Systems
Back Flow Device

In order to Register:
1. Visit and click on the green “Property Owner” box
2. Register as a Property Owner (PO). Click on the “Select 30 day trial” box. You are not being charged to use this site but "dummy" credit card information is required. Call IROL to obtain this information.
3. Please register all buildings you own, manage, and/or do business in that have any of the above required inspections. Each building shall be registered individually.

After you have registered and are activated, you will receive a Property Owner Identification Number (PO ID). This ID will allow our department to receive and submit reports to you. In addition, the ID can allow your Service Companies to submit reports.

If you have any questions on our new process, please feel free to contact us. If your questions are directed towards IROL, please call 331.454.7800 Monday-Friday 8am-4:00 pm CST, or email

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