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City of Rolling Meadows -Restoring Potable Water Service to Commercial Buildings Following Extended Shutdowns

About the Division

The Water Division is comprised of four main components, which include:
  • Administration
  • Distribution
  • Metering
  • Production


The administrative offices handle all billing functions of the division. New accounts are also set up by this office. 


The City maintains 5.5 million gallons of storage facilities, 4 pumping stations and 4 deep wells. The water delivery system includes 2 elevated tanks, 85 miles of water main, and 1,200 fire hydrants.


Production is responsible for delivering potable water to all City customers including industrial, commercial, and residential. Approximately 1 billion gallons of Lake Michigan and well water is pumped yearly.


The Water Division reads and maintains industrial, commercial, and residential water meters throughout the City.

Water Quality Report

The City is also required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to produce an annual Water Quality Report (PDF) for its users.

Water Billing

For water billing information and inquiries please visit the Utility Billing page.