2023 Hartung Road / Quentin Road Bike Path

Tentative Start Date: Mid March 2023
Tentative Completion Date: Project Complete
Bid Opening: 11/18/2022
Project Manager: Brad Valentino
Contractor: A Lamp Concrete Contractors, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount:  $698,281.61
Funding Sources: Federal CMAQ (80%) & Local Road Fund (20%)

Project Information

The work to be performed consists of selective tree removal, removal of existing sidewalks, earth excavation, installation of an 8' wide asphalt bike path on aggregate subgrade, selective curb and gutter removal and replacement, pavement markings, replacement landscape plantings and parkway restoration.

Construction Limits

North parkway of Hartung Road - from Old Plum Grove Road to Euclid Avenue

East parkway of Quentin Road - from Hartung Road through Highland Drive

This project will connect two existing bike path facilities when it is completed.

Weekly Project Updates:

Project Complete

Anticipated Hours Of Work: 

7 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri; 8 am - 5 pm Sat. (if necessary)

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Bike Path Map