Central Road Elevated Water Tank Rehabilitation

Tentative Start Date: March 2021
Tentative Completion Date: July 2021
Bid Opening: Spring of 2020
Project Manager: Mark Kilarski
Contractor: Jetco Ltd
Awarded Contract Amount: $350,000
Funding Sources: Local, Capital Improvement Fund

Project Information

Elevated Tank Rehabilitation Project; Includes relocation of all Cellular antenna equipment to a newly erected temporary tower, install a protective curtain around tank, preform any structural repairs, paint the tank both inside and out, and then relocating the cellular equipment back on the tank.  No interruptions to residents water serve is expected.

Construction Limits

Project construction will be confined to the site with vehicle and crane truck traffic on Central Road.

Anticipated Hours of Work: Monday - Saturday, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Weekly Project Updates:


Construction Notifications