2021 Street Reconstruction Program

Tentative Start Date: Late May/Early June 2021
Tentative Completion Date: September 2021
Bid Opening: 04/27/21
Project Manager: Bill Suchecki
Contractor: Schroeder Asphalt Services, INC
Awarded Contract Amount: $764,901.85
Funding Sources: Local Roads Fund

Project Information

The work to be performed consists of storm sewer improvements, curb and gutter removal and replacement, sidewalk removal and replacement, asphalt pavement removal, roadway base reclamation and stabilization, asphalt pavement replacement, pavement markings and parkway restoration.

Construction Limits

Smith St (Honeysuckle to Emerson), Newcastle Ct (Honeysuckle Ct to Terminus), Honeysuckle Ct, Viola Ct, Norwood Ct, Lilac Ct, Jonquil Ct, Ironwood Ct, Farmington Ct, Dahlia Ct, and Butterfield Ct.

Anticipated Hours of Work: 

7:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday - Friday (Saturday if necessary)

Weekly Project Updates

10/14/2021 - Project substantially complete.  Pavement markings and punch list work remain to be completed.  
 NOTE:  Please allow parkway seeding and straw blanket areas to establish by not mowing until substantial growth is evident, 3+ inches.  When mowing resumes, raise height of mower deck to prevent scalping and blanket tear.  Straw blanket should remain in place until full grass establishment.  Straw blanket will biodegrade naturally.
 Please be alert for construction equipment and traffic.