Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards


The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, in recognizing the importance of physical fitness status for academy performance (and eventual job performance), has established the Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER) test for entering any of the Illinois certified police academies.

The POWER test will be provided to all candidates prior to entering the academy to see if each individual meets the standards. These fitness entrance requirements help to ensure that each recruit can undergo both the physical and academic demands of an academy without undue risk of injury and with a level of fatigue tolerance to meet all academy requirements. If the applicant does NOT meet all the standards, the recruit will NOT be allowed to enter the academy. In an effort to brief police administrators and police applicants, this pamphlet will provide information on the rationale, purpose, testing and procedures, standards of performance and fitness activities to prepare for the POWER test. It is intended to answer the basic questions pertaining to all aspects of the fitness testing process. Any questions you may have about these standards should be directed to the Illinois Enforcement Training and Standards Board's Office at 217-782-4540.

Thomas J. Jurkanin,

Ph.D. Executive Director

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