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The City of Rolling Meadows will be conducting an open, competitive examination

Written Examination

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Visit for additional information

Application packets will be available beginning January 5, 2015 at 

Application deadline will be no later than 2 pm on Friday, February 20, 2015


Firefighter/Paramedic Testing Process

The following description is intended to serve only as a general summary of the City’s firefighting hiring process.

Testing is typically conducted every two years. 

When testing occurs, all individuals interested in becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic must meet the following requirements:

  • U.S. Citizenship or person meeting requirements of “citizenship status”.
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED).
  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • 21 years of age as of February 20, 2015 and less than 35 years of age at time final eligibility list is established (5/24/2015), unless otherwise exempt by statute.
  • Illinois Department of Public Health EMT-Paramedic license at time of application deadline (2/20/2015).
  • Valid CPAT and Ladder Climb at time of application deadline AND at time of appointment.
  • $45 application fee.
  • Must have the ability to read, write and speak English.

 Testing Process

Elements of the selection process include:  the online application process, written examination and proof of completion of Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) including Ladder Climb Test.

Applicants are processed in subsequent steps as follows:

  • Completion of online application and required documents.
  • Proof of completion of Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and proof of passing a Ladder Climb Test via presentation of a valid CPAT card (CPAT considered valid if dated from 2/20/2014 through 2/20/2015) – included with application submission.
  • Mandatory orientation and written examination.
  • Preliminary Eligibility Register is established in numeric order based on written exam.
  • Fire and Police Commission selects a range of candidates based on numeric rank on the Primary Eligibility Register to complete the subjective component (oral interview).
  • An Initial Eligibility Register is established based on the written exam, proof of CPAT completion, and subjective component (oral interview conducted by Fire and Police Commission) combined scores (CPAT = pass/fail, Written = 65%, Oral Interview = 35%).
  • Submission of proof of preference points (17 Points Maximum):
    • Veterans = 5 points for a minimum one year active duty with honorable discharge.
    • Education (up to 5 points maximum – Candidate is entitled to ONE of the following four point allotments.  (i.e.; if a candidate has a non-fire science related Associate’s Degree and a non-fire science related Bachelor’s Degree the candidate is eligible for 2 points for the higher degree, the candidate may not request 3 points for the total of both of his/her college  degrees in this situation.)
      • 1 point = Associate’s Degree from an accredited college or university; or
      • 2 points = Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited college or university ; or
      • 4 points = Associate’s Degree in Fire Science, Fire Service Management, Fire Service Administration, Public Safety, Emergency Management from an accredited college or university; or
      • 5 points = Bachelors Degree or above in Fire Science, Fire Service Management, Fire Service Administration, Public Administration, Public Safety, Emergency Management from an accredited college or university.
    • Paramedic = 5 points if the candidate is a paramedic with practice privileges in the Northwest Community EMS System as documented in a Letter of Good Standing from the system.
    • Residency = 2 points for living in Rolling Meadows a minimum of one year at time of application deadline.
  • Final Eligibility List which includes preference points will be established.
  • The Final Eligibility List is valid for a two year period from the date of certification by the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.

Further participation in the selection process will take place as vacancies occur.  Applicants will be invited, in rank order, to participate in and successfully advance through the following steps: 

  • Valid Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) including ladder climb as required by the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, consistent with state statute.
  • Conditional Offer of Employment based on successful completion of:
    • Polygraph evaluation.
    • Background investigation including criminal, credit, business, education and employment history.
    • Psychological evaluation.
    • Medical examination including drug screen.
  • Enter into a “Separation of Employment – Reimbursement Agreement”.
  • Appointment by the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.

Following appointment, a new firefighter is required to satisfy certain other requirements including: 

  • Successful completion of the department’s training program.
  • Approval to practice in the Northwest Community EMS System.
  • Successful completion of the probationary period.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer