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Homeowners may do some types of construction work without a permit, but call first to confirm requirements. Call in the early planning stages to avoid any unnecessary delays. An advantage of getting a permit is that it alerts the city to your construction, which in turn brings you the services of the building inspector.

Normally, your contractor will take out permits for the work you are having done. Check with your contractors to assure that they have obtained all the necessary permits before they begin working at your home. When a permit is approved a green permit placard will be issued. This card should be displayed until the final inspection is passed.

Caution : Know your contractor(s). Ask for references, verify their qualifications and watch the quality of the work being performed. You may call the Community Development Department to see if a contractor has the proper credentials to work within our city.

These are the items, which you should have available when applying for a permit:

  • Two (2) copies of your Plat of Survey
  • Property Index Number (from real estate tax bill)
  • Cost evaluation of the work to be performed
  • Three (3) sets of plans indicating what is to be done

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