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Early Refuse Set Out Ends March 30, 2015

City of Rolling Meadows
Refuse-Yard Waste-Recycling Collection Guidelines
January 2015

Refuse Collection Routes Map

These guidelines are intended to help you discard and recycle your regular household material. For more information, contact Public Works at 847-963-0500 or through the City’s Web site at:  Additional recycling information is available at (847-724-9205).

The earliest time you may set your refuse, yard waste and recycling materials at the curb is 6:00 p.m. on the day before collection, except during the months of November, December, January, February, and March when refuse can be set out at 3:00 p.m. There are no containers allowed at the curb other than your recycling cart. All household refuse must be paper or plastic bags.  Refuse placed in hard containers (i.e. metal or plastic garbage cans) will not be accepted.  Yardwaste must be in kraft paper bags only.  All materials set out for disposal must be at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on collection day.  All refuse containers and bags, yard waste bags, and recycling containers stored outside shall be in a side or rear yard and screened so as not to be visible from any street (Ordinance No. 12-35).


The City only accepts general household refuse in plastic and kraft paper bags.  Plastic bags must be a 30-gallon capacity or less, a minimum of .7 mil thickness, and be securely closed at the top. 

Yard Waste:

Yard waste must be in 30-gallon kraft paper bags.  Bags must be marked with a large “X” facing the street and weigh less than 50 pounds. Yard Waste pickup commences April 1 (unless notified otherwise by weather conditions and by the landfill) through the first week in December (exact dates to be determined).


Items must be placed in the 65 or 35-gallon containers supplied by the City.  Only items inside the cart will be picked up.  All recycling containers must be removed from the curbside by the end of collection day.

Detailed regulations concerning the City's refuse, yard waste, and recycling collection programs can also be found in the City's Code of Ordinances in Chapter 90  SOLID WASTE.

The City provides special pick up services at rates set to recover direct costs.  There is a minimum charge of $50.00 for all special pick ups.  Please call the Public Works Department at 847-963-0500 for a special pickup quote.  There is no charge for the price quotation. Payment must be made prior to the special collection being made.



Kitchen scraps, spoiled fruits &
vegetables and other food items,
non-recyclable wastepaper (i.e.
wrapping paper), cloth items,
non-recyclable plastics
Deposit in bags and place at curb on scheduled pickup day.



Cardboard boxes and/or sheets of 
Boxes must be flattened and tied with twine.  All clean cardboard is recyclable.  Any clean cardboard being recycled must be placed in the recycling cart.  Only items inside the cart will be picked up.


Cabinets and mattressesPlace at curb on scheduled pickup day.



Televisions, monitors, computers (including tablets), printers, facsimile machines, scanners, electronic keyboards, videocassette recorders, stereo equipment & speakers, electronic mice, digital video disc players, portable digital music players, cable receivers, digital video disc recorders, small scale servers, satellite receivers, digital converter boxes, cell phones and video game consoles.

Place at curb outside of the bag on scheduled pick up day next to household refuse. Items will be picked up later in the collection day for recycling.

The State of Illinois has adopted legislation that prohibits electronics (listed at left) from being thrown away in the garbage as of January 1, 2012, from all sources under penalty of law.

For electronic recycling program details or for other options, please visit

Furniture and Small Appliances


Place at curb on scheduled pickup day.
Latex paintPaint cans which have been left open to dry solid may be placed in refuse bags.  Paint in liquid form will not be accepted, nor is it accepted at the recycling drop off center.
Oil based paintSee Household Hazardous Waste drop off sites.


HARD GOODS such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washer and dryers, water heaters, furnaces, sinks, and tubsPlace at curb on scheduled pickup day. Locking doors must be removed from all appliances.  Large items will be picked up by a flat bed truck later in the collection day.


Carpet and paddingMay be placed at curb on scheduled pickup day. Must be rolled and bundled with twine or duct tape and easily lifted to waist height.  Rolls should not exceed 18" in diameter and 4' in length.  There is a 6 roll limit per scheduled pickup day.  Larger quantities and/or sizes require a special pickup.


DrywallPieces must be broken up and placed in bags.  Place at curb on scheduled pickup day.  Bags must be closed securely and be easily lifted to waist height and not exceed 50 lbs.  There is a 3 bag limit per scheduled pickup day. Larger amounts require a special pickup.


Doors: interior, exterior, storm and/or screenMay be placed at curb on scheduled pickup day.  There is a 6 door limit per scheduled pickup day.


Garage doorsGarage doors are a special pickup and must be dismantled.  Each single section must be cut in lengths not to exceed 8'.


Gutters, down spouts and steel pipePlace small pieces in bags at curb on scheduled pickup day or bundled with twine or rope in lengths not to exceed 6' in length and 18" in diameter.  Larger amounts require a special pickup.


Metal and wood shedsA special pickup is required. Must be completely dismantled and stacked neatly at the curb.


Plywood and panelingPlace at curb on scheduled pickup day. Sizes shall not be larger than 4'x8'. Items must be stacked neatly and not exceed 6 pieces. Greater quantities or pieces larger than 4'x8' require a special pickup.


Scrap wood, wood flooring, siding &
Small pieces may be placed in bags and placed at curb on scheduled pickup day. Longer pieces must be bundled with twine and not exceed 4' in length and 9" in height and width. Greater quantities and/or sizes require a special pickup.


WindowsWindows smaller than 4'x4' may be placed at the curb on scheduled pickup day, 3 window limit per scheduled pickup day. Greater quantities and/or sizes require a special pickup.


Landscape timbers and/or railroad
Small pieces may be placed in bags and placed at curb on scheduled pickup day. Bags must be closed securely and be easily lifted to waist height. Longer pieces up to 4' in length may be neatly stacked at the curb.  There is a 6 piece limit per scheduled pickup day. Larger quantities and sizes require a special pickup.


Swing setsMay be placed at curb on scheduled pickup day when completely dismantled. Sections must not exceed 4' in length. Full sections require a special pickup. 


Car doors, trunk lids, hoods, fenders
and small engine parts
These items are picked up in the same manner as hard goods and large appliances.


Engine blocks, frames and other
bulky oversized and/or heavy items


These items require a special pickup
Tires, batteries and propane tanksTo comply with E.P.A. regulations, tires, batteries and propane tanks are not accepted by the City, and should be taken to a local retail outlet for proper disposal.


The State of Illinois has not created a formal policy on the disposal of syringes or other medical products used by individuals at home. However, there are certain recommendations for the disposal of Sharps, Bandages, Dressings and Medicines that are herein provided.


The Rolling Meadows Public Works Department provides authorized sharps-disposal containers and the disposal of your used sharps containers at 3900 Berdnick Street, from 8:00am to 4:00pm. 

 Used sharps must never be placed loosely in your trash or flushed down the toilet.

If you are not able to use our drop off site, sharps should be placed in a strong plastic or metal container with a screw-on or tightly secured lid to prevent accidental contact with the waste. Containers like empty bleach bottles, liquid detergent bottles, or heavy plastic jugs work well because they are strong enough to prevent the sharps from poking through the container and they have lids that can be securely fastened. A coffee can may also be used as long as the lid is sealed with strong tape once the container is full. The sealed container can then be placed in your regular trash. Glass should never be used as a sharps container because the glass can break and compound the hazard. Recyclable containers should not be used as home sharps containers unless obviously labeled as containing sharps. Sharps are not recyclable – they can pose an infection risk to workers at the recycling facility, and can render the whole batch of recyclables as unusable.


Soiled bandages, dressings and disposable sheets should be placed in securely fastened plastic bags before being placed in your regular trash.


Household medicines, including over-the-counter drugs and prescription medicines (except for controlled substances), may be brought to the Public Works facility at 3900 Berdnick, from 8:00am to 4:00pm, for drop off.  A list of acceptable drugs is available for review if you are uncertain of your medication.

If you are not able to use our drop off site, these items can usually be disposed of safely without presenting a threat to the environment. Out-of-date or otherwise unusable or unwanted household medicines may be disposed of in the trash if the materials are securely wrapped to minimize tampering or crushed and mixed with wet garbage.

Flushing even small quantities of household medicines down the drain is discouraged. Some medicines can disrupt or destroy the useful microorganisms in the sewage treatment system and/or may pass through the system intact and potentially contaminate downstream water resources. 


Grass clippings, leaves, twigs,
garden debris, weeds, fruits, seeds,
stalks, vines, bark and wood chips
Use paper bags and place at curb on scheduled pickup day. Bags must be rolled and crimped closed and be easily lifted to waist height and not exceed 50 lbs.

Each bag of yard waste must be marked with a large "X". Yard waste pickup commences April 1 (unless notified otherwise by weather conditions and by the landfill) through the first week in December. Place the bags a few feet away from your household refuse bags with the "X" facing the street.


Brush and branches up to 6 inchesBundled with twine (Wire or plastic is not acceptable) 4' or less in length and 2' or less in diameter at the base and easily lifted to waist height.

Yard waste does not include: stumps, wood timbers, plastic edging, plant pots or trays, fertilizer or landscape material bags, landscape fabric, root sections, sand, gravel, sod, firewood or animal waste.

It is against City ordinance to rake leaves onto any City street or dump yard waste on any public land.

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NewspaperIncludes weekly and Sunday newspaper and all inserts. Do not tie newspaper in bundles.


Magazines, catalogs & paperback
All glossy magazines, catalogs and phone books


Corrugated boxes and brown paper
Non-waxed corrugated cardboard & brown paper bags that fit into recycling cart.
PaperboardIncludes cereal and other dry food boxes, pop, beer and egg cartons


Mixed paperIncludes junk mail, computer paper, and stationary. This material may be mixed with newspaper.


Glass bottles & jarsAll clear, brown and green glass bottles.


Aluminum cans & foilAll aluminum containers for food and beverages, foil and pie plates


Steel cansSteel and bi-metal food containers 1-gallon or less in size.


Aseptic packaging & gable top containersJuice boxes, milk cartons and juice cartons.


Plastic containers and can carrier
All clean plastic containers, #'s 1-7 with the exception of those containing automotive products, pool chemicals, paint thinner and wood working products. All 6 and 12 pack can loop carriers.


Oil drop-offSee for household hazardous waste drop off sites.


Fluorescent and CFL light bulbsAccepted at the Public Works facility during regular office hours (8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday - Friday).
Alkaline & Rechargeable BatteriesHousehold batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V, button cell) and rechargeable batteries (NiCad, NiMh, lithium ion, lithium polymer) at Public Works (see above hours). Rechargeable batteries must be in sealed plastic bags or have the end taped over in order to be disposed.

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Recycling CartsThe City provides each home with one free recycling cart at no charge to the resident. If lost or damaged, this cart will be replaced free, one time only. Additional carts may be purchased at the Public Works Department, 3900 Berdnick Street for $55.00. Only items inside the cart will be picked up.

The standard size of recycling cart used by the City is 65 gallons. If residents desire a smaller cart, a 35 gallon size can be substituted upon request. The City orders substitute carts 1-2 times per year. Carts must be substituted at the Public Works offices only. Additional carts, if desired in either size, are available at a cost of $45 (35-gallon) or $55 (65-gallon) each. Recyclable materials set at the curb in recycling bins will not be collected.

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There is no refuse collection in the City on the following days: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  During the week which contains a holiday, your refuse will be collected the day after your normal pickup day.  The following week we will resume our normal collection schedule.  Regular refuse schedule will be observed for Martin Luther King Day (January) and Veteran’s Day (November) weeks (while all City offices are closed for these holidays).